Spring 2007

Tessie checking out the flowers

Spirea flowering along the driveway

The Lillies of the Valley, if only you could smell the perfume

We didn't plant this, but the bleeding heart sure is welcome

Our 10 year old bleeding heart

What great colors

It's clematis time

Closeup of the clematis

Closeup of the clematis

Closeup of the blue clematis

First iris of the season

Second iris of the season, if it weren't yellow it would have come out first

The strawberries are blooming

Our miniature red maple next to the goldfish pond

Early day lillies



Hen and chick cacti


First annual of the season

First peony

Lots of peonies a week later

Yellow Roses

The whole bush

White rose


Orangemoon over the bay


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Last updated 13 June 2007