Jocelyn's Wedding Cake

The cheese cake was home made by Don as a remembrance to Siggy, Jocey's grandfather and a baker.

Baking for 140 maxed out our mixer. This is 1/2 the batch.

One layer fresh from the oven

Dorian picking roses and lavender from our garden. She decorated the cake with a cream cheese and white chocolate buttercream and fresh flowers.

Dorian then outdid herself with these marzipan figurines of Jocey and Neil. How do you do this?

You start with a torso

Paint the face

After you do the rest of the figure you put on hair

Using a picture of Jocelyn on the computer as a guide to paint the dress

More painting

Putting flowers in Jocey's lap as the finishing touch

Putting Neil together

May I have some arms please?

Neil's ready

Jocelyn's friend Melissa made a platform of rolled fondant

Adding Jocey


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Last updated 23 July 2008